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The Porsche 924s is definitely my favorite car of all time. This, of course, is because it is the only "sports" car I have ever seen that can transport a Marshall 4x12 cabinet, head, two guitars and a 2 space rack.

With that said, I like to drive them into the ground. Let's start with a before shot.

It doesn't get much hotter than this. The 1979 924 on the left was my first car. The '87 924s on the right ended up being my second car. Do your best to ignore the schleps.

Here's the '79 the day I gave it away:

This is the day I gave away my 1987 Porsche 924s. The guy way in the back in the white shirt is my dad. That's my beautiful '84 gmc vandura van in the back.

Another shot with my 94 325is in the background

I think that was april 16 2005.. or maybe may 31... you know, what, i have no clue.

Dirty Pete (Yes, I name my cars) was my 3rd 924. I bought it off ebay with a blown motor. Drug it home from tennessee and swapped the motor with my second 924s (seen above... hername was "Namer").

I sold Dirty Pete in Septemberish 2003 to some guy from St. Charles.

This is what it looks like when you have to replace the heater core on a Porsche 924, 924s, or 944.

While on the topic of ripping apart water cooled porsches, It isn't too tough to swap engines between two 924s'. That's why the second 924s up there doesn't have an engine. It ended up in DirtyPete. There's a lot of stories behind that including a trip to tennessee and driving down the highway with no brakes while towing a car. Gotta love the van.


I went 5 years without a 924S in the driveway before I convinced myself I needed to buy one. I got back on the rennlist 944 forums and began what turned into a 4 month search for the perfect car. I learned about a special edition (SE, get it? clever germans!) 924S that was built in 1988. It was sold as a "track ready" car with higher compression pistons, sports suspension, and it was stripped of anything unnecessary to save weight. They only came in black and there were only 500 brought to the United States. I had to have one.

Well… I got one… Oh boy… Did I ever get one. Read about it here.


I also wrench on old 928's... I don't have much to write about them, except this is what it looks like when you're converting the CIS fuel injection to Electronic.

What is this all about?

I threw an anonymous site together in 2004 as sort of a repository of raw notes, stories, ideas and pictures. I kept my name off the site so that I could really let loose and say anything I wanted.

Four years later I realized that:

A) I didn't have anything that needed to be anonymous.
B) Few people stumbled upon the site.
C) Most who did promptly left.
D) The whole thing was damn ugly and difficult to navigate.

It was time for a change.

I took out the trash, spit shined the leftovers and did my best to turn it into a typical, self-serving, narcissistic, personal shrine to myself. Don't you just love it?

If so, be sure to hit the contact page and let me know what you think. Feel free to tell me how neat I am and how amazing and life changing you found my website. No, really, do it. Now.

Please? Seriously. Maybe we can like meet up and hang out or something. I like lunch. In fact, I eat lunch almost every day. What's that? You eat lunch, too? See, we have so much in common. I knew we'd be pals! I'm so glad you contacted me via my website.

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