Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Jordan Woerndle.

I spend most of my time writing and thinking about code, running a VC backed startup, thinking about product development and learning as much as I can about statistics and machine learning through finance. A few years ago I didn't know anything about "money." Now I do, and I know a little about risk, too.

I try to spend a lot of time doing things that don't come naturally and/or generally give me the flop sweats. For example, I'm singing in a local band even though I have no business singing. I'm raising a son. I write folk songs. I write short stories and post general nonsense on the internet (usually signed with my name.)

For me, writing is about the hardest thing I do. It just doesn't come naturally. That is why I do this site; It is scary and I like to do scary things. In my spare time, I rebuild cars and rehab houses and clean.

Oh, how I do like a clean house.

If you'd like to know more, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.