Personal Finance - Tracking your monies

(Again, this is a work in progress... Why do I keep publishing things before they're done????)

I want to get better at tracking wealth. I have a spreadsheet that I update once a quarter that tracks what I own, owe, and (doh! I can't think of a clever o-word to use here.) I would like to build something that monitors those things in almost real time (daily updates at least) and goes a little deeper than cash value. That is, for each asset, I would like to know:

  • the resource's allocation
    • stock
      • large cap
      • mid cap
      • small cap
      • foreign
    • bond
    • cash (USD)
    • foreign equity
    • real estate
    • insurance
    • private equity
    • personal asset
    • liability
      • mortgage
      • some other loans?
  • where it sits
    • IRA
    • ROTH
    • health spending
    • investment account
    • bank
  • when it was purchased and when it will end
    • basis (this gets complicated when you, for example, purchase more shares of the same stock. I guess just treat it like a brand new stock at that point. What about splits?
    • the ending date for things like a CD
  • what kind of returns for known accounts
    • bank rates

So, yeah, this gets complicated if you let it. I'm not sure if I should continue down the path of a spreadsheet or throw together a project. Getting daily updates for stocks and funds makes me thing an app is the route I need to take.

Until then!