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Breakfast With Daisy

Daisy (the weenur dog) and I were watching the History Channel and having some breakfast this morning. Some show about fighter jets and famous dog fights was on. I love that shit. At one point, the narrator said, "Modern weapon systems can move from missiles to guns with a flip of a switch."

Daisy looks at me and says, "Yeah, I've been in a lot of dog fights. Check this out."

She jumps off the couch, trots to the middle of the room and clears her throat.

"GOOSE! I'm switching to my GUNS!"

She flexes her tiny little biceps and starts bobbing and weaving around the living room like a cracked out Mike Tyson.

A Quick Question for Gravity Kills

"What's that sound? You hear it? It's a funny squeaky sound."

  • Aunt Bethany Griswold 1908-1998

Seriously, what is that squeeky sound on some versions of "Guilty" by Gravity Kills?


Spring, 1995. I'm driving down the road in my second 924 (see Porsches ) when "Guilty" comes on the radio. It was brand new then (only released on Point Essential Vol. 1) so I turn it up and commence rocking.

That's when I hear it... The squeak. I start beating on the dashboard because it sounded just like my car's squeaky blower motor. Trick is, that was in my old car (again, see Porsches ) The new car didn't have any problems.

I'm like, "wtf? is this blower screwed up, too?" I turn the radio down. No squeak. Turn radio up, "squeak... squeak. squeak squeak... squeak."

HA! It's on the song. Those clever guys put a random squeak in to be cool.

Every time I heard the song from there on out I was completely distracted by the squeak. I was really glad to hear they left it out of the album version...

This Morning:

I get in my car and "Guilty" was on the radio. I turn it up to see which version they're playing.

Sure 'nuff. The squeak is there. It's the Point Essential Vol. 1 version. Good times.

Here's my question. What the fuck is that squeak? It's so bad and so random it has to be a mistake. Yet, it is so clear and out there it had to come from a good mic... Kind of like the singer was sitting on a squeaky chair while recording his tracks. But, it can't be that. The sound is distinct, panned right down the center, and doesn't appear to have any effects. So, maybe it was something picked up by the drum overheads? I might be imagining it, but the sound seems to go away when the real drums drop out. Squeaky drum throne that disappears when the gates close?

If you happen to be in Gravity Kills or were around during the first recording, please let me know via the contact page. thanks.


Turns out I'm good friends with someone who works with one of the Gravity Kills guys. He said:

"I talked to XXXXX about the squeak. It was a kick pedal. They didn't notice it until after the whole thing was mastered so there wasn't much they could do. The re-recorded it minus the squeak for their album.