Ideas for Cheap, Recurring Revenue Sites

(this is a work in progress and a joke)

Today I saw a post where a guy was showing off his fully-formed idea for a physical product. It was 1/12th scale concrete blocks. Flippin' genius. I have also been spending a lot of time reading about lifestyle businesses (concrete blocks), sites, and apps that generate recurring revenue. This is an exercise in thinking about ideas that could possibly generate revenue.

  • archive of animal sounds
    • birds
    • jungle?
    • extinct
  • scans of historic documents
    • each site is specialized by topic
  • nostalgia
    • abandoned amusement parks
    • abandoned shopping malls
    • arcades
    • carnivals
    • abandoned hospital sites
  • everything about giraffes
  • everything about eritrea
  • a site detailing what to do when you lose your wallet including a service to call all your credit card companies, etc for you.
  • everything about... isis? why not?
  • cancer?
  • essential oils...
  • reports for...
  • an entire site dedicated to what seem like shell companies that file form d's
  • pet care
    • living longer
    • danger advisories (like, bad food, bad medicine, recalls)
  • use my, and domains.