Rich People - Who They Are
and where they live if you read the article.

After reading this huffpo article identifying the richest person in each state I decided I wanted to know more about what these people did to get there. Here is a poorly curated list ignoring the Waltons because, you know, Walllmarts. I'm sure these aren't the most interesting stories, but I was surprised at how many people didn't simply inherit all their wealth.

Phil Knight Nike

Larry Ellison Oracle

Sheldon Adelson casinos

Frank VanderSloot multilevel marketing

Jon Huntsman, Sr. polystyrene and chemicals,_Sr.

Bruce Halle Discount Tire

Dennis Washington (montana) Construction

charles Ergen Dish Network and EchoStar

Maloof Brothers Gaming and beverage distributors

Gary Tharaldson Hotels

T. Denny Sanford credit cards for poor people

Harold Hamm oil, shale

Whitney MacMillan cargill

Harry Stine seed

Jack Taylor Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Tom Benson car dealerships/lucky investments

Jon Menard Hardware Stores,_Jr.

Ken Griffin Hege Funds, Citadel

Leslie Lampton, oil refining and distribution,_Inc.

Hank and Doug Meijer retail

Gayle Cook medical devices

Bradley Hughes public storage dba a REIT

Thomas Frist KFC and for-profit hospitals,_Jr.

Leslie Wexner Retail - Limited Brands

Marguerite Harbert inherited from construction work

Jim Justice mining grain farms

Anne Cox Chambers media

Charles Johnson mutual funds

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone campbell soup

Jacqueline Mars mars candy

James Goodnight SAS

Anita Zucker married to

John Abele Boston Scientific

Leon Gorman retail, L.L. Bean

Rick Cohen wholesale groceries

Abigail Johnson Fidelity family money

Jonathan Nelson founded Providence Equity Partners

Ray Dalio Bridgewater

David Tepper finance

Robert Gore Teflon, Gore-Tex

Ted Lerner real estate development