The Gardner
Two hours with an accountant might have changed my life


I'm oddly excited about using Quickbooks. I spent two hours with an accountant this morning and it sort of changed my life (not really.) I wonder what else I could learn by hanging out with someone I normally wouldn't. For example, what could I learn in 2 hours with a tow truck driver? How about 2 hours with a funeral director, or, I don't know, an arborist?

I hang out with a gardener from time to time and you know what? It is fascinating. One time he was showing me a book (he's a reader)and I opened it up and some sort of pressed leaf fell out and he was like, "Wow, let me have a look at that... Oh, yes, that's from a blah-blah-blah(latin) which is a rare species of blah blah (more latin) typically found in (exotic location.) I was somewhere in Clayton when I saw it. I was so excited I took a leaf."