Foodfights and Ray Dalio
I have no idea

"Foodfight" is a terrible movie I want to see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uROQ9nplxIYi

Notes from Ray Dalio's Manifesto

If you can give society what it wants you have a higher likelihood of being "successful." If you can, move forward using a process of productive adaptation (assuming you can observe the landscape as you trudge through it and all of its inevitable setbacks) in an effort to "evolve" your process in cooperation with the general path of the system's nature. Don't let your self interests be in conflict with the system because you won't succeed. Nature is testing you and it is not sympathetic. You need to step back and design a machine of the right people doing the right things. Constantly assess and improve that machine by objectively comparing outcomes with goals. If the outcomes are inconsistent with your goals, modify the machine. Include yourself as part of the machine and place yourself in the correct role. If you aren't good at that particular role, be sure to fire yourself. Again, the most important requirement is you are objective and logical at all times.