Drivel. Just Drivel
bored and chatty

I have no problem with The Show is the Rainbow.

Little else going on today. This FDA BS is getting me down. But, band practice is in a bit so that'll make it all better.

She walked slowly though her gait was one of a barback sliding quickly through the crowd with buckets of ice. Her walk is best described as some sort of reverse moonwalk in high heels.

Practice was better this week. I was more with it than last week. The two new songs are coming along nicely. Best joke of the night was Frank Ocean was simply channeling the spirit of Wesley Willis Sunday night at the Grammy's.

Speaking of jokes, here's a doozie I made up while brushing my teeth, "Of course i'm jealous of her ex's. They can dodge bullets." This, my friends, is why I'm often confused for a comedy genius.*

* - not true.