Deer Tick and Obama
Thanks Obama

Before this morning the only Deer Tick) I've heard is off Divine Providence (they're latest album.) Hearing some things off War Elephant) is a surprise. They're folk-alt-country? I had no idea. I'm sure the recent change to their sound was a deliberate move, but I like to think that through the years they've been accidentally writing these one-off songs that didn't at all fit with their sound. Then one day they were like, "let's finally record all these fuckers and put them on one album."

Last night in the State of the Union address Obama said, "Today, our scientists are mapping the human brain to unlock the answers to Alzheimer's." I work on the platform that handles imaging data for the Human Connectome Project and all that FDA stuff I bitch about is for a new class of Alzheimer's drug. Our lab is managing the brain imaging data. Fun!