is that a word?

If your csv file starts with the string, "ID," Excel thinks it should be a SYLK file and barfs a bunch of warning dialogs http://support.microsoft.com/kb/323626

I'm setting aside my hatred for funk and fusion so I can learn about The Meters today. They're a 70's funk band from New Orleans. I get it, I think. There was a 5 minute bass solo which included a minute of wha wha and a few moments where he ignored the rest of the band (it is a polyrhythm! applaud goddammit!) I guess they aren't fusion at all, certainly funky, though.

locking down my workflow for editing this site

Last week, (2/8/2013) I was complaining a bit about maintaining this site in markdown. Specifically, dealing with line breaks while writing and not having a good way to spellcheck. Thanks to a friend's tweet, I learned that VIM can deal with soft wrapped lines pretty well. Check it http://alols.github.com/2012/11/07/writing-prose-with-vim/. The first thing I did is convert this page's source (markdown) to soft wrapped lines. Then I realized I don't use VI. I happen to be using eclipse as a text editor because it is always open and I like organizing the files in a "project." Today I switched from the default editor to WikiTextEditor. Not having to manually manage line breaks makes typing and editing a breeze. In fact, it makes me want to type more. Ruh-Oh!

I converted the line breaks by hand. I might (eventually) have to run a script on all the pages if editing in this mode turns out to be better. So far, it is WAY better. I love it. If you're into emacs, i just found this http://blog.avarthrel.org/blog/2011/05/lets-just-use-emacs.html. That brings up some interesting ideas, like splitting your editor to work on 2 sections of the same doc at once (eclipse does this) and having multiple files open at once (also, available in eclipse). I'm still missing a decent spell check, though. Let me try to fix that.

Fixed it!. First, download one of Kevin's word lists from here http://wordlist.sourceforge.net/. Install it in eclipse as a user dictionary (Preferences->editors->text editors->spelling). I used Kevin's scowl list by concatenating all english and american words into a single text file. I saved it to /jordan/notes/allWordsForSpelling.txt and pointed the eclipse user specified spelling list there..

There are a ton of words in there and it has helped tremendously. I didn't think I could get the spellcheck to suggest correct spellings until I noticed wikiText editor has the "quick fix" option. Hover over the word and hit cmd-1. It gives suggestions. Rad! A few other ideas if you're using eclipse. Want a word count? Do a file search, select the file, enable regex and search for \w+ Sure, it's clunky, but it works.

I spent a few minutes looking at org-mode, but I don't have the energy to learn it. Immabe happy with a smattering of markdown files and my new, soft-break editor.

Have I mentioned how awesome pandocs and make are for generating the html and shipping the contents off to S3? If not, have a look at the github repo where all this BS lives and check out that make file. It isn't anything fancy, but it saves me a lot of time. I can publish with one command.

Finally, I set the font in the text editor to be something a little more readable. Now I'm writing comfortably inside a IDE. I have like no excuses left for not writing armp.it.


Google returns zero results for Compilenaut. Let's hope from now on it will return at least one.

Remind me to go here when they open this spring - http://www.strangedonuts.com/