What I'd Say!
smiling like whitney houston...

I finally shut down my underutilized-but-always-on EC2 instance. Look at me, being all frugal and whatnot.

Regarding "What'd I Say" on the 2004 soundtrack for "Ray!" I love how the instrumentation slowly falls into place rhythm-wise. The band is like, "Whatever... We'll hit a couple things here and there until he gets a groove going." They get it together just in time for Ray Charles to miss the mic when the words start. The whole intro is somehow both wrecked and perfect. "Roller, baby..." I can't find much information on this particular recording. IMDB says it is courtesy of Atlantic Records but it says nothing about where or when it was recorded. I'd link to the song but I can't find one for you.

Wait for a sunny day and find a kitchen who's sink is under a nicely lit window. Thaw frozen blueberries in a stainless steel bowl. Eat the blueberries but leave the juice. Rinse that bowl under a stream of water and watch closely. Wait for the instant where the purple juice turns blue. That's my favorite color. A white bowl works, too. But, it has to be stainless steel to be my favorite.

Holy shit, my continuous integration process is amazing. I committed a change set to github. My Jenkins server immediately started building the project. When the build finished Jenkins deployed the war to my test tomcat instance. The webapp restarted and my changes are live. I'm checking my static code analysis results and smiling like Whitney Houston. I have no idea what that means...