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Three more reasons for using markdown instead of Word: grep, xargs and sed.

Sand Mandala & Sisyphean - I'm writing a book/short story about a young man who spends the majority of the time re-building the runway at his family's old farm. He steals airplanes and grows a little and eventually crashes and the runway turns back into an overgrown field. If everything goes to plan, the book or story should be finished sometime around 2022.

Are reposts (re: reddit) simply A-B tests for content? Or, maybe training sets for click maximization algorithms? Even I Can Haz Cheezburger admits that data is the most important thing to drive business - There is no way they only use algorithms to lay out their pages. Why wouldn't they do some crazy optimization for content to drag people in as deep and for as long as possible. In fact, that's the only thing they should be optimizing for assuming that is what drives their revenue.

I am feeling drained.

ok, weird moment

I have awesome, vivid dreams and I love coincidences. I know you're not supposed to talk/write about dreams because no one cares and it makes you sound like a nut, but this is all I've got today.

I took a break from working to read "A Look Back" article about 1940's gang violence in stl. I mapped a couple of the addresses including the one mentioned here: "The Rats��� hangout was the Maxwelton Club, on St. Charles Rock Road at Pennsylvania Avenue." There's nothing much there anymore except a few cemeteries (and a children's psychiatric hospital? sad!)

An hour later a FB friend posted photos of a mausoleum she was in (it was very cool!) someone asked her where it was and she said it was at Valhalla on St. Charles Rock Road... I was like, wow, that's weird, i was just looking at a cemetary on a map, i wonder if it is the same one. I found Valhalla's website and yep, it is very close to where the Maxwelton Club used to be. Then I scrolled down and saw the Valhalla building. Sho 'nuff, I was in and around building that looked exactly like that in a dream a few months ago. I was being chased and it wasn't cool but I stumbled on this very cool looking mausoleum and kind of hid there for a while.

Fun coincidences! I really want to drive up there to see if I get chased.