New Macbook
I got me the retina one

I received a 13" macbook retina and spent a few hours setting it up. I should have been updating this with details on how to deal with things like eclipse/tomcat integration (install the j2ee bundle, then install the wtp m2e thing necessary to hook the maven project up to the server in the server list) but, I didn't. I do still have the list of software i installed:

  • XCode - enable the command line tools through preferences to get make
  • VirtualBox
  • Oracle jdk
  • chrome
  • postgresql pgadminIII
  • mecurial
  • git
  • pandoc
  • s3cmd
  • R 2.15.2
  • RStudio
  • Dropbox
  • SourceTree
  • Firefox
  • HipChat
  • anki2
  • tomcat6 installed at /Library/Tomcat (symbolic link to /usr/local/share/apache-tomcat...
  • eclipse jee juno

The most annoying thing was getting eclipse working properly with maven and tomcat. I think I got everything working after an hour of fiddling. One Good Thing is I found some bugs in juristat that cropped up when trying to build it in this clean environment. While writing this I realize I have to rebuild the spelling dictionary for this machine. I'm sure there will be weeks of finding little things missing here and there.

The thing I fear the most is working in a non-case-sensitive partition. WTF Apple?!? When I bought my last mac I immediately installed a bigger, faster hard drive. I formatted it as case-sensitive. I'm going to try to leave this machine as-is from the factory. I have a feeling I'll have to bring up an ubuntu VM and do a lot of work, there. Well, a lot of testing, at least. I'm glad I have the continuous integration server working.

One part I'm happy about is this machine is going with me everywhere. I was EXTREMELY paranoid taking my other machine with me because it contained things like my budget, taxes, all my photos, scans, paperwork, and I'm sure plenty of other stuff I'd rather not be in someone else's hands. This machine is strictly going to be for work. I don't even plan to log into facebook with it. The SSD is only 256GB so it can't hold my music and pictures, anyway. Everything on this machine is in a central repo. If the machine disappears, I'll be able to recover quickly. Good thing, because I just noticed this does not have a slot for a Kensington lock. WTF Apple?!?

Things I still am on the fence about installing. Do I need an elasticsearch instance on this box? It would be nice. A full rails environment will wind up on a VM. A local SOLR would be nice, but... meh. I think the most important thing is to decide which music I want on this machine. So much to do!