I Have No Idea

Why do I always have to go to the cafeteria on Panda Express day and get a double orange chicken? I scarf it down then immediately feel like I'm going to die. It happens every Thursday. Blech!

Talking to a friend a while back about Saves the Day and he was like, "I never could get that into them because they always sounded so much like Lifetime." I was like, "who's lifetime" and he said, "Check out New Jersey's Best Dancers and you'll understand." Holy shit, he wasn't kidding.

While we're talking about that, I wonder if Ozma is pissed at Weezer for ruining everything.

Markdown + Pandocs + Latex = writing awesome looking documents. I'm digging into it, now. Also, looking into generating presentations with Markdown + Pandocs + Latex + Beamer.

Charlie Munger - psychology of human misjudgement PDF here