Something About
tired, just tired

  • something about not blogging anymore because it is old, tired, and twitter/tumblr/medium/reddit is where I should be writing and if i want to make money, monentize a youtube video.
  • something else about how important blogging is because it is a resume/low-cal way for people to find out about you.
  • then another thing about music doing well because it sounds familiar and how outkast almost didn't make it with hey ya because it was too different and something else about how dj's did make it familiar by sandwiching it between music that did well because it was so familiar, making hey ya familiar and then selling a zillion copies.
  • and then another thing about how rosa parks wasn't the first person arrested on a bus, (read this http://digital.wustl.edu/e/eop/eopweb/nix0015.0307.078ednixon.html ) but how this particular instance (arrest) worked because she was well connected in the community, well liked by all, generally helpful and an all around amazing person who knew Edgar Nixon well enough who thought he could use her to win a case against the montgomery bus line. Heck, she even did work for the wife of a white lawyer who was the first person Ed Nixon called to figure out exactly why she was arrested.
  • then something about trying to go big always fizzles out (try to get everyone to buy in against a major issue and nothing will happen, but get an interconnected group to boycott bus service and get them to peer pressure everyone else into the boycott and then you've got something.)
  • something about a generalized framework for making people care about a product/cause/issue with a side of the "machine" idea (presented below) and the habit cue routine reward motif.