Risk Management
more re: my framework

I want to add a new dimension to the framework. one of risk management. So much of what we do is managing risk. Source control, alarm clocks, cars that never break down, air bags, and background checks, are just a tiny portion of what we do every day to manage or mitigate risks. I hadn't thought much of risk management before i studied finance. Seeing practical examples in that context helps me understand at a fundamental level how it bleeds into daily life and how people pay so much just to minimize risk. Whether it be paying top dollar for a reputable plumber, or subscribing to linkedin so you can get a handle on someone's clout before interacting with them. How I could have missed something that is so ingrained in the human (spirit? psyche? what's a good word to put here?) for so long boggles my mind. With that said, now we have something about a generalized framework for making people care about a product/cause/issue with a side of the "machine" idea (presented below), the habit cue routine reward motif, with a heaping side of risk management. This, of course, is a half-baked idea that has been kicking around inside my head for a few months. I'm waiting for it to click so I can write something about it that makes sense. Until then...