Seth Godin Q&A
with notes

2013/05 Seth Godin | Q&A from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

We read news and feel compelled to stay informed "to distract ourselves from the things we fear is being: criticized, called out as a fraud, being identified as a poser, being called out as someone who had no right to do the work that they just did." Find that person who's live tweeting the event you aren't at and wasting a half hour looking at those pithy comments. that person is hiding, they don't need that information. it's keeping them from doing scary work... What if you turn off information for a month and work on something that might get you fired or run out of town. Do that so you can say, "I made this." You have enough information to do your work. You don't need it. Talking about stories that worked years ago at one place wouldn't work at another place because some places (people) are already carrying a bias. People who are getting paid to do what they love aren't getting paid for the work, they're really getting paid for their story. Learning how to see is what design really is. seeing the gap, and visualizing in advance of what is going to work. Be connected to the output of your work. Use that connection to learn what worked, what didn't, and how you can do it again. Do this by using your experience and immersing yourself in the interactions to learn. once you are sitting there reading your comments and crying about them, then you're probably not "seeing" anymore in a way that will help your work in a way that matters. If you do something that people will have to reference to describe something, then it will likely spread because people will use that in conversation so others will look it up. And idea that is easy to spread and talked about means you win. Get your idea to spread and the revenue will appear.

I need a clear, locking thermostat guard.