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Fixing Stupid is a hard-edged debut from Orangetree, with powerful ska-metal-punk grooves hitting the listener from every angle. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Wait a minute. Is this the same band that released Fixing Stupid back in 1999? Well, the membership may remain the same, but this self-titled set gives no warning to the roar of sound that immediately bursts from their speakers. In the intervening year, the group seems to have become hosts to the ghosts of stadium rock past, leaving fans who haven't seen them on-stage recently to listen with dropping jaws. But after the initial shock wears off, one starts to distinguish all the elements of old that still shine through the scorching, screaming guitars solos and big rock vocals yowling to heaven. The opener, "Miserable," still kicks ass punk-style, although it's almost trampled by the thundering guitar riff. "Bad Apples" is a frenzied skanker, with only the rolling drums and screaming vocals taking the song into the arena. "That's Not You" breezy third wave meets the new school via Brit punk circa 1978 is pure skacore, again with only the vocals fooling the unwary. And so it goes, as the band's roots show through their new dye job. But do fans really want to hear Orangetree's blend of ska, punk, and hardcore through the prism of hard rock? Well, in the Midwest, those long-haired bands of yore never died, their music never faded, and they still blast out of the radio to this day. And hey, "Fall Apart," with its Mott the Hoople intro and singalong with your cell phone in the air power ballad atmosphere, can't help but stir the blood. It sure is different. The only other band pushing into similar unchartered territory, Reel Big Fish, had a much poppier edge, but this is the real thing. Real rock, with a really big sound, but throw away your preconceptions, and you too will be forced to step back in utter amazement. ~ Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide

Orangetree Fixing Stupid (Jump Up! Records) By: Alex Steininger

Former MU330 vocalist Jason Nelson is back with another ska-punk act, Orangetree. This St. Louis six-piece plays typical slaphappy ska-punk with plenty of pop and humor to go 'round. Their debut is worth a few laughs, but beyond that, it loses momentum.

"Alligator" and "Pretzels" are both worth a few giggles while "Chop Top" and "Soda" will put a smile on your face; underneath the semi-serious surface their is more humor and smiles to be found. The band is definitely a party-time fun band worth a few listens, because they will get you dancing and smiling. Depth, though, is lacking. It's just typical, goofy ska-punk madness as the band goes wild to get their audience to go wild.

The band isn't the tightest, but it is evident they're having a blast. So, it's safe to say, you will too. If you're looking for something that will give you a quick sugar rush and wear off soon after, then this is something you should take notice of. If it's a long lasting record, then forget it. I'll give it a C-.

Orangetree Ska punksters who sound quite a bit like Save Ferris. But don't hold that against them...

IMPACT Press: Music Reviews: Oct./Nov. '99 OrangeTree • Fixing Stupid • Jump Up! • Ex-MU330 singer Jason Nelson fronts this new excursion into the vast, aging world of rock-ska and breathes fresh new life into it, as only an MU330 homeboy could. Every now and then, you gotta bring a little ska back into your life, and why not with a source you trust? And why not now? And why not with an album that will kick your ass until you can't sit down?

Orangetree Fixing Stupid Before ska-rock hit the mainstream a couple years ago, quirky Midwest ska-rock was something fun, bouncy, ska without any serious message. However, since this branch of the ska tree has been so over-saturated in recent years, for a band to play it, it’s now gotta be really, really good. Orangetree, Jason Nelson’s (ex-MU330) long-awaited project, is just okay. Although not bad at all, it’s really just treading the same-old quirk-ska ground. Yet, there is more than a glimmer of hope. The last track “Felicity” is a great straight-up rock song, with catchy changes and chorus. Instead of quirky ska-rock, maybe just a fun rock direction would be a great way for Jason Nelson to break from MU330 and rock out all his own. Jump Up!,

Orangetree "Fixing Stupid" *SOLD OUT*

Jason Nelson, formerly of the great act MU330 introduces his new band Orangetree with their crankin' debut "Fixing Stupid." Rockin' ska-punk fervor throughout this excellent disc including tracks like the blisterin' pace of "Wally's Revival," the tempo switchin' skank of "Pretzels," "Chop Top," "Makin' Out," and seven others.

Orangetree Jump Up

This is another poppy, punk-ska CD about girls. It's nothing real groundbreaking. The lead singer kind of sings like a girl, but he's a guy. The style seems to be too old for angry youth, but too young for the two-tone sounding ska about drugs and stuff. I'm sure Orangetree is real good live. "Eye to Eye" is a good song that starts out with minor sounding guitar, and then explodes into a high-energy chorus. I can't really recommend anyone who would like it, because it's not quite for the Less Than Jake crowd, but on the other hand, it's not for the Skatalites crowd. So if you're looking for a middle ground, this is for you. Jump Up! Records, P.O. Box 13189, Chicago, IL 60613; Liza Hearon

from everything2: (person) by Xamot (2.7 mon) (print) ? Mon Oct 09 2000 at 22:00:14

A ska-punk band from St. Louis. They have 2 releases with Jump Up! Records. The band is comprised of Gordon Moeckel, vocalist Jason Nelson, guitarist/vocalist Baker Lee, Jordan Woerndle, D.J. Bly, and drummer Ted Steiling. They are the biggest thing going in St. Louis right now. Jason Nelson used to sing with mu330 and I believe the other guys have been around the St. Louis music scene for some time.

They kick ass and I fully expect good things to happen to these guys. Right now they mostly appear around the Missouri/Illinois area. They are working on their third CD so I imagine they will tour more after that is finished.

albums: s/t -- Jump Up! Records (2000) Fixing Stupid -- Jump Up! Records (1999)

Orange Tree "Fixing Stupid" (Jump Up! Records) It's basically MU330's second album "Chump's on Parade" with Jason singing. Which means it's good. Fast catchy ska pop songs make this album good. "Chop Top" shows how the rest of the album is going to turn out. The horns in the band make the songs worth while to listen to, including Jason's nutty and wacky singing voice. "Alligator," Making Out," and "Soda" are great songs. I thought this album was going to suck but I was proven wrong. Good effort from Jason, and co.

OrangeTree • Fixing Stupid • Jump Up! • Ex-MU330 singer Jason Nelson fronts this new excursion into the vast, aging world of rock-ska and breathes fresh new life into it, as only an MU330 homeboy could. Every now and then, you gotta bring a little ska back into your life, and why not with a source you trust? And why not now? And why not with an album that will kick your ass until you can't sit down?

IMPACT Press: Music Reviews: August-September '00 -- a bimonthly ... Orangetree • self-titled • Jump Up! Records • What stuck out about this disc first, before I even listened to it, was the fact that the name of the band is spelled wrong in big letters inside the cover. Fortunately, the music is better than the editing. This is a fun SKA disk in the MU330 vain. Fast, catchy and easy to listen to, this is a disc you want to own.

Orangetree "Fixing Stupid" This is a super-rad ska/punk band from St. Louis including ex-MU330 singer Jason. Orangetree gets you pumped up like no other band. They make me jump up, skank and jump up all over the house. Great cd here on Jump Up! records. Extra awesome tracks on here include "Makin' Out", "Wally's Revival", "Chop Top", and the very fast ska tune "Soda". I can't really tell you guys what Orangetree sounds like cause they have a sound all their own which is incredible. You can tell in songs like "I'm Going Ya Ya" and "You Know it". Easily one of my favorite cds I own. My only complaint: hopefully next cd will have a couple more songs than this one though. Get this cd now!(10)

Issue 8 of ska-face is out now for 50p (UK) or \$2 (US) with stuff on the Splitters, OrangeTree, Morecambe Ska Fest & Moon Ska Europe tour. Buy 3 issues for £1.50 or \$4. send cash or cheques to: (payable to M.Simmonds) 42 Cranmere Road, Melton Mowbray, Leics, LE13 1TB. England.

URBAN RAG #29 Winter & Early Spring 2000: Orange Tree “Fixing Stupid” - Jump Up Records. Ska on steroids if possible, with falsetto vocals reminiscent of a couple of those Cali-punk bands of the early to mid 80s. It’s got that big sterol sound that I’m not crazy about it - but then I don’t care much for the Mighty Mighty Bore Tunes, either. I’m sure I’m not offending any die-hard skaankers out there, because I know that you know the MMBTs are just a couple of sell outs. While it’s nice to have a break through band in every genre - I wish they had more soul. I guess I question Orange Tree’s sincerity too. BUT... I can see where some out there, perhaps many out there, would like them.

Post Posted: Wed May 11, 2005 9:15 pm Post subject: Reply with quote I don't know any local bands anymore since I've just moved to SC, but St. Louis sure had a lot of them. I loved Orange Tree. I'm so sad they're gone ;_;\ Also, my friends' band Nigh Eve is quite good. They're in Atlanta.

mustard plug website: 10/8/98 Edwardsville, IL Southern Illinois Univ. Orangetree

april 20, 1999: Alkaline Trio electrifies the Side Door BY TOBIE DEPAUW LIFESTYLE REPORTER Alkaline means basic, and basically, these guys just plain ROCK!

The group gave some students a marvelous preview Friday night at the Side Door in St. Louis. They opened for Orangetree's CD Release party along with Celery and First Grade Crush.

Hailing from South Bend IN, the Sixty Second Quickies(formerly known as Skaba-Du), have been playing a high octane mix of ska/punk & 80's metal since 1996. The Quickies have played the Crossroads Music Expo (Memphis, TN), Atlantis Musc Expo (Atlanta, GA), NXNW (Portland, OR), SXSW (Austin, TX) and other regional showcases. Sharing the stage with ska/punk faves such as Johnny Socko, Mock Orange, The Mad Butchers, Los Infernos, Inspecter 7, Skavossas, PEZZ, The Ducky Boys, Mustard Plug, The Stereo, Catch 22, Orange Tree, Telegraph and others, The Sixty Second Quickies are adding to their fan-base by touring constantly. With a live show very few bands can touch, these fine young suburban hustlers have a loyal following that continues to grow with each show.

couldn't find the e-card you were talking about...i downloaded ambulance vs ambulance instead since i found that online. i like the lead singer who sounds like jason nelson when he's actually singing but that's because i'm a fan of mu330 and orangetree....i still don't see much of anything that's revolutionary or special to the point of this kind of praise.

from amazon: I love this cd. Orangetree is one of the best (if not THE best) bands to come out of St.Louis and I highly recommend it! I listen to alot of ska-punk type of music and they are my all time favorite! This cd along with their other one both rock. I LOVE YOU ORANGETREE!!

i have this cd, and it has made the band my faveorite! i saw ot at a concert in early 2000 and bought this cd right away! they are my fave band and need to be well known!

I bought this cd, due to the fact that it Jason Nelsons'(ex MU330) new band. I was expecting basically another MU330 basically, however I was pleasantly surprised. This cd rocks! Hard! Not to say that MU330 does not, but these guys take it to the next level. It has quickly become the best cd in my collection... buy it!

Orangetree, as far as im concerned, is one of the best bands out there. The combination of punk ska and emo blends itself into a totally original style mix. The sound quality and vocals are amazing (Devotion is my favorite) and the lyrics for the songs dont get any written any better. If you like anything close to get up kids, mu330 (same singer, both bands), grade, pharmaceutical bandits, or catch 22, then this cd is for you. This is definetly a worthy addition to your collection.

from the sixty second quickies site: Hailing from South Bend IN, the Sixty Second Quickies(formerly known as Skaba-Du), have been playing a high octane mix of ska/punk & 80's metal since 1996. The Quickies have played the Crossroads Music Expo (Memphis, TN), Atlantis Musc Expo (Atlanta, GA), NXNW (Portland, OR), SXSW (Austin, TX) and other regional showcases. Sharing the stage with ska/punk faves such as Johnny Socko, Mock Orange, The Mad Butchers, Los Infernos, Inspecter 7, Skavossas, PEZZ, The Ducky Boys, Mustard Plug, The Stereo, Catch 22, Orange Tree, Telegraph and others, The Sixty Second Quickies are adding to their fan-base by touring constantly. With a live show very few bands can touch, these fine young suburban hustlers have a loyal following that continues to grow with each show.


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Fixing Stupid

  • Release Date: 1999
  • Genre: Rock
  • Label: Jump Up
  • Total Time: 33:06

  • Artist: Orangetree

  • Flags: Lyrics are included with the album
  • Rating: StarStarHalf Star
  • Style: Third Wave Ska Revival


  • Release Date: 2000
  • Genre: Rock
  • Label: Jump Up

  • Artist: Orangetree

  • Flags: Lyrics are included with the album
  • Rating: StarStarStar
  • Styles: Third Wave Ska Revival, Indie Rock

Smash Your Radio, Vol. 2

  • Release Date: 2000
  • Genre: Rock
  • Label: Jump Up

  • Artist: Various Artists

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  • Rating: StarStar
  • Styles: Ska-Punk, Third Wave Ska Revival, Indie Rock

Coffee, Cigarettes and Nuclear War

  • Release Date: 1999
  • Genre: Rock
  • Label: Absolute Zero

  • Artist: Various Artists

  • Flags: Collection (various artists)

Various Artists - Sex Sells? Ska, Punk & Other Junk

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Sex Sells? Ska, Punk & Other Junk - CD Cover Average User Rating: Not Yet Rated Format: Audio CD Label: Rina Records Release Date: 07/11/2000 UPC: 670917025023 List Price: \$9.98

JST-014 V/A Workin' Third Shift: Midnight Radio, Volume 2 CD jumpstart releases Nineteen of the freshest cuts of traditional ska, rock steady, and roots/skinhead/dub reggae. Features tracks from King Django, Dr. Ring-Ding, Orange Tree, The Kinetics, The Steady Ups, Intensified, After Hours, SeeSpot, Vic Rice, The Rhythm Doctors, Rocker T, The Robustos, and More! \$8 ppd


Released by the Russian Label >Neuro Empire\<.

Great SKA with Orangetree/Distemper/Moonrakers/Blowing Fuse/

Warsaw/Dymano Ska/The Israelites/Plastic Skanksters/Eclectics/

The Telegraph/Benuts/Greenhouse/Elysium and more.

Best of

See larger image Share your own customer images Best of [IMPORT] Orangetree More about this product

Availability: Available from these sellers.

1 used & new available from \$74.98 Product Details

  • Audio CD (January 24, 2001)
  • Format: Import
  • Label: Toys Factory
  • ASIN: B00005HSRH
  • Sales Rank: None Yesterday:None

    Editorial Reviews Product Description Japanese Exclusive Best Of. Includes Tracks from their First and Second Releases.


ISK1] 1.Paper Fish(DR.MANETTE) 2.Some Kind Of Chase(FIRST GRADE CRUSH) 3.You Know It(ORANGETREE) 4.Harry(THE ECLECTICS) 5.So What If Some Guy Wants To Sit  Around Naked In His Own Yard?(FIRST GRADE CRUSH) 6.Five Finger Discount (EXCEPTIONS) 7.Boner For A Day(NOBODY HOME) 8.Schoolclothes(HOT STOVE  JIMMY) 9.City Limits(PARKA KINGS) 10.It’s Not About You,Kevin(THE  ECLECTICS) 11.Alligator(ORANGETREE) 12.Denny’s Run(GOOFS) 13.Introducing  Razor Ramone(THE MONSIGNORS) 14.15 Labels(DR.MANETTE)

Know Your Skalphabet

(Potshot, Five Iron Frenzy, Big D & The Kids Table, Cheapskates, Racer Ten, Softball, Namesake, Pain)

Good Clean Fun 1

Released on February 26, 2001

SKA AROUND CRAZY WORLD vol.1 (Distemper,Moonrakers,Warsaw,Eclectics,Orangetree etc.) -Steersman 04:20 Chop Jop 02:14 На-На-На 02:49 So What If Some Guy Wants To Sit Around Naked In His Own Yard! 02:05 Kingstone Town 02:52 Swingin' Pop Shouts 02:27 Stupid Sex 02:18 Blue Serge Suit With A Belt In The Back 02:14 Learn To Dance 01:41 Tap Nasty 02:53 Harry 02:59 The Streets Belong To Us 03:25 Reality Sucks 03:57 Love Noise 02:24 Не 02:36 Fire 03:44 \$0.15 You Don't Know 02:29 Knockin' 02:07 Just Want You to Know 03:50\

V/A The Shack Vol. 3 Transatlantic Ska (UK Import) CD Track list:

  1. Pama - What's Going On?
  2. Skinnerbox - Hepcat Season
  3. Capone & The Bullets - Babylon is Burning
  4. Bim Skala Bim
  5. Ramshackle All-Stars - After Glow
  6. Warsaw - Gangster
  7. Topcats - Tear The Place Down
  8. Crazy Baldhead - Don't Turn Your Back
  9. 4th Fingers - Killing Time
  10. Rocker T - I Have to Say
  11. Fat Jabba - She's Lost It
  12. Steady Earnest - Good Foot Hoppin
  13. Muttlys Dastardly Skam - Revolutioneyes
  14. Stubborn All-Stars - No Trial
  15. Identity#1 - Saving Myself
  16. Victor Rice - Lefty
  17. Capdown - Cousin Cleotis
  18. Da Whole Thing - Running for the F Train
  19. The Great Googa Moogas - Hugh Mingus Goes Cosmic
  20. Orange Tree - That's Not You
  21. Dub Ska Liner - Club Ska Liner


SAB's Dog Days will be from noon to 4 p.m. April 19 at the corner of Franklin and LaHarpe streets. There will be novelty acts, booths, music showcasing campus talent Antle Walked By, St. Louis ska band Orange Tree and featuring JACKOPIERCE.


10/8/98 Edwardsville, IL Southern Illinois Univ. Orangetree

4/3/99 Greenhouse, Gangster Fun, First Grade Crush, Orangetree Metro. 7:30pm all ages

9/21/99 Hot Stove Jimmy, Teenage Frames, Orange Tree, Tub Ring Metro. 6:30pm All Ages

1998 slammies Best Ska Band St. Louis musicians and scenesters could learn a thing or two from the local ska contingent. The bands work together, support each other and throw massive celebrations a few times a year to boost the music -- and as a result, all the bands gain exposure that would have been impossible without the union. That said, each band has its own distinct sound -- some leaning closer to a ska/punk amalgam, some, like winners the Skalars, staying more true to the Jamaican roots of the music. This is the first year that ska and funk have had their own categories, and the voting turnout in the ska category was high, yet another reflection on the intensity of St. Louis ska fans' passion.

  1. Skalars
  2. MU330
  3. Kinetics
  4. Orange Tree
  5. Fat Cactus
  6. Suspenders
  7. Secretaries
  8. Big Boss Man
  9. Red Stripe All Stars
  10. Smooth Jimmy Apollo

The Poster Children's Description of a Show we played with them

Saturday April 15, 2000 - Columbia, MO

We are driving home from Columbia, MO - it's after the show. It's gorgeous outside - nighttime, the windows are open and the wind is blowing through the van, 65 degrees, fresh outside, except for about a 60 second stretch of road along I55 which smelled like a mouth with braces and bad breath. The guys are laughing at a jazz player talking on the radio about rules for playing music. Each time he says a new rule, Rick says "why? why?" Rick is so punk rock.

Nothing bad happened at this festival, except that no one came. It was a beautiful, sunny, 75 degree weekend day today and we played a festival with The Sugar Hill Gang - and no one came, because who wants to go sit in the Blue Note, a dark, smoky club, in the middle of a beautiful spring day? Oh well! Even though it was a free festival, pretty much no one came. I think the people who put the show on were kind of depressed about that - and some of the people at the show were complaining to me that the show wasn't well promoted, but I think there are lots of other things going on outside today on the campus - in fact, I had heard that the people in charge of this show wanted to get an outdoor area but couldn't for some reason. Howie is joking that there is a "Barney Live Webcast" on the internet today and that's why there is no one at the show. All the other bands, bands whom I've never, ever heard of - Orange Tree (from St. Louis), Ensign (from New Brunswick, New Jersey - what the hell is with that town?!) and The Reggae Cowboys (From Toronto, Canada!) and Sugar Hill Gang, from NYC, played their asses off, to an almost completely empty, huge venue - it was so nice to see bands playing so well, even though there were no people watching - I guess it happens to the best of us. Even Sugar Hill Gang, who came on after us, announced from the stage that they had played "all across the US and Europe, sometimes to 5 people and sometimes to 300,000" they said - "and no matter how many people are in the audience," they screamed, "we're gonna put on a good show for you all!" The 40 or so people in the audience cheered politely, but by the end of their set, they are just 3 huge black guys with big black "Sugar Hill Gang Anniversary Tour" shirts on - three guys with wireless microphones and a CD player - no musical instruments in sight! - by the end of the show, they had half the audience dancing on the stage with them, and I swear to god it looked like a Gap Commercial. It was absolutely wonderful. The rest of my band was outside by this time, eating their food. I had a great time today. It's a great break from touring.

The Skatalites with the Murder City Players and Orange Tree Sunday, June 11; Mississippi Nights By Randall Roberts Published: June 7, 2000

When the Reel Big Fishes of the world return to their lives as janitors and the No Doubts drop the ska in favor of a more current sound, the Skatalites will remain, ever preaching the glory of ska -- not the dumb '90s kind but the classic sound of 1965 Jamaica, when the music that evolved into reggae was exploding and the uppity dum-chink, dum-chink rhythm set an island and, eventually, a world ablaze.

* The Skatalites, preaching the glories of ska since 1965, remain transcendent. The Skatalites, preaching the glories of ska since 1965, remain transcendent.

And it was the Skatalites who did the burning. Who knows how something magical happens, but it did when a bunch of musical geniuses -- including Don Drummond, Tommy McCook, Roland Alphonso and Jackie Mittoo -- converged in Kingston in the late-1950s, swept up by the glory of American rhythm and soul. But that was 35 years ago. The Skatalites 2000 feature three remaining members of the original band: alto-sax player Lester Sterling, drummer Lloyd Knibb and bassist Lloyd Brevett. The octet stretches out more these days than they did when the Skatalites were making Jamaican rhythm & blues; these days the style is more expansive, relying more on loose jazz structures than on rigid pop ones. The result, though, is just as transcendent, as evidenced on their two most recent releases, 1998's Skavoovee (Shanachie) and Ball of Fire (Island).

It should be noted that tonight's show is being held in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Vintage Vinyl, the city's best record store and the store that has maintained one of the best ska and reggae collections in the country for the duration of their existence.

"Son of Ska-O-Rama" (1998) at The Galaxy, benefiting Gateway To A Cure for Spinal Cord Injuries - featuring 3WS, Anti-Jock, Chia Band, The Incidents, Jumpin' River Cats, The Kinetics, Mound City Seven, Orange Tree, Pacific Street Parts, The Red Stripe All Stars, The Special Guest, The Stunt Doublez, The Suspenders, & The STL Irregulars

"Ska-O-Rama Strikes Back" (1998) at The Casa Loma Ballroom, benefiting St. Louis University Cancer Research and Treatment group - featuring MU330, the Skalars, Orange Tree, The Kinetics, The Solicitors, the Mound City Seven, The Studebakers, & Big Boss Man

"SOR4: The Return of Ska-O-Rama" (1999) at The Casa Loma Ballroom, benefiting the Humane Society of Missouri - featuring Deals Gone Bad, Fat Cactus, The Kickbacks, The Kinetics, Murder City Players, Once More Once, Orange Tree, Pacific Street Parkers, Red Stripe All Stars, & The Secretaries

"Ska-O-Rama 5: The Birthday Bash" (1999) at The Casa Loma Ballroom, benefiting the St. Louis Effort for AIDS Campus Outreach Program - featuring The Ambiguous They, Cataphasia, Dan Potthast of MU330, Fat Cactus, Murder City Players, Orange Tree, the Postals, Radioactive Bananas, Runforyerlife, Secret Cajun Band, Corey Dixon & the Zvooks, & What's Wrong With Nate

"Ska-O-Rama 6 ... they're back!" (2000) at The Casa Loma Ballroom, benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation of the St. Louis Region - featuring Murder City Players, Orange Tree, Corey Dixon and the Zvooks, the Ambiguous They, the Kickbacks, What Happened to the 69 Chargers, Hot Stove Jimmy, The Stand, & Heavy Step

is the japanese import legit? an email from our label (chuck wren)... think he's pissed?

no it's legit, had to pay for the huge loss I took on both those albums I released as you know.....said promised touring never happened, band broke up, and I lost thousands of dollars......

That japanese label seemed to have gone under as well as they stopped answering any correspondance and stopped sending any type of royalty statement......

and never sent me promotional copies at all......otherwise I would have glady sent the whole gang one each......

I have several hundred of both relese sitting in an old warhouse, I would love to get my manufactring costs back of a buck each if anyone in the band wants to snag copies for gifts, etc :()

Take care


this is me trying to get a copy of the ot import from some girl in arizona:

me: do you have a cd called "best of orangetree" it is a japanese import.

Them: Yes. I have the Best of Orange Tree. The price is $74.98. It is listed on Best regards, Wendy

me: You have it? Great! $74.98, though? do you have any coupons or discounts???

Them: No, I don't have any discounts on the cd. I only have 1 copy. The cd is rare and hard to find, thus the price. Thank you for your interest. Best regards, Wendy

me (yes, i know i'm a jackass):

Dear Wendy,

Amen it is rare. i was in the band and I didn't even know it existed. I guess the japanese label bootlegged it.. twah*? have you listened to it? we were some shitty skacore band from missouri and couldn't give our real cds away. the band is long gone, but i'd love to display the cd in my trophy case (i'm a ping pong idiot sevant and a competitive jarts professional.. seriously, the trophies take up my parent's entire tool shed.)

Anyhow, Here's my last pathetic attempt at a discount... i doubt the demand for the cd is high.. i mean, there were 6 people in the band so that's 6 people who want 1 cd... wait, don't forget my mom.. that makes 7. I took econ, that's a 1 to 7 on the supply/demand curve. You win**!

But lemme tell you, the guys who were in the band are dirt poor. Three of them live with thier parents, one is in and out of rehab (currently on his way in) and the last keeps having kids because with each kid, the welfare check ges bigger. gotta love that WIC cheese. I'm just lucky my jarts career took off.

So, how about it, would you take less than the asking price for the best of orangetree? I'll even throw in an autographed picture of me at my last ping pong tourney.

Gravitas***, Jordan Gunn

* this is a perfect example that proves sometimes the japanese are just plain weird. ** not really. keep reading. *** Kiefer Sutherland's favorite. From the latin, of course.


Dear Jordan, Thank you for your kind offer, but I am unable to lower the price at this time. Sorry, Wendy



guest books:


the dancing guy! Posted by Tim ( on July 14, 2000 at 15:00:48: Hey you mentioned maybe playing the amnesty international gig set up by my former co-worker, The Dancing Guy, with Orangetree and I was just wondering if that was really going to happen cause that would be rad Posted by D-BAD ( on July 16, 2000 at 04:23:34: In Reply to: amnesty international gig posted by Tim on July 14, 2000 at 15:00:48: : Hey you mentioned maybe playing the amnesty international gig set up by my former co-worker, The Dancing Guy, with Orangetree and I was just wondering if that was really going to happen cause that would be rad us guys in CPB really dig The Dancing Guy and we like Amnesty International, too we played with Orangetree once-- a LONG time ago, at a Battle of the Bands. It was in the middle of the afternoon, in the basement of McMurray Music Center. They blew us off the stage. They had a girl that played horn for them, and we think girls that play instruments are rad.

We're going to do our best to make the Amnesty International benefit a reality I'll talk to my people and get back to you as soon as possible!

P.S. We're looking for girls who play horn. We need a big badass horn section of just girls and me.

show with conscious youth who knows what year: Fri. June 2nd CY CD Release Party!!!!

at the Creepy Crawl w/ Outspoken, Me3 and Orangetree.\~kac044/earcandy/2000/ec0600.htm:

ear candy june 2000: Orangetree - Orangetree (Jump Up!) How many ways can you spell No Doubt? How about O-R-A-N-G-E-T-R-E-E. Well okay they aren't trying to be carbon copies, but the influence of bands like No Doubt and Sublime that combine guitar-based punk and ska is unavoidable. Orangetree has a sound that is horn heavy and also edgey. I thought they were okay. I didn't find the vocals particularly appealing - honestly I wasn't sure if it was a male or female singing at first as the vocals are kinda whiney and eventually just plain annoying. If you're into the 90s wave of "ska", this album may find its way into your collection, but if you're like me and getting pretty sick of this genre then just move on.

  • Kim Callahan Orangetree.Com

Orangetree Fixing Stupid Jump Up! Records My mom told me once, at the table in her maternal glow, that the best things were saved for last. So I struggled through the broccoli, turnips, and of course cabbage. But then would come the sweetness of desert. And sometimes if I was extra good, she'd put a cherry on top. Cherries rock. Why am I telling you this? Well, for one I am a complete goof, and two because this is how this record serves up its plate. The first songs are your average run of the mill rock ska, bland, like steamed celery. But then on track 6, I'm Going Ya Ya.They break away and have gone beyond rock ska and you can hear other influences. By track 8, You Know It (an incredible fusion of ska elements and Buddy Holly-esque early Rock) lets you know they have something up their sleeves. What the hell guys? Why can't your whole album be an exploration. This shit kicks ass, why not the whole album? Track 10 What The ..., wow track 10. This little number sounds like the New York Dolls came out with a new record. Ex-MU330 singer Jason Nelson really outdoes himself with the chorused vocals. This leads into what I think has to the best exploration by a ska band, the last track entitled, Felicity. This should have been the first track. What do I know? I'd buy this album if I didn't already have it. It's gonna a find a place in my rotation, but I'm gonna start it on track 6. I hope their whole next record is an exploration into the seas of possibilities, with a cherry on top. (smits) Hectic World #3 (\$1 ppd) P.O. Box 199 Clawson, MI 48017 Boring layout, little content. The cover has Boy Sets Fire, Orangetree, At the Drive-In, and Burning Airlines. The problem is that there are no interviews for At the Drive-In or Burning Airlines. So we're left with the Orangetree interview (which was good, especially since it was an email interview that went into depth) and the Boy Sets Fire interview was alright. Other than that there's some reviews and a few ads. *3* (JQD)

oct 27, 2000 show with the ray-guns in hays kansas?

shows with saving boy wonder 1-20-2001 at sally t's with children's audio 10-8-2001 at the holiday inn withOrangetree, Childrens Audio, Jimmy Got Hustled, Squad Car, Disputed, Nineteen, What's Wrong With Nate?, 25

Cents Flat, Drawpointe, Corner Theory, Spatula Face

Croakroom Records Catalogue Orangetree is the much-anticipated new project from ex-MU330 vocalist Jason Nelson, and in two short years this St Louis troop is being deemed the next big

thirteen. a fanzine this is orangetree's second release. don't be fooled by its self-titledness. it's got some good music, but i'm no too keen on the vocals. the rocking guitar... - View old version on the Internet Archive

The Follwoing reviews are taken from Issue 8 out July 2000. V/A - Smash Your Radio 2. 4 out of 5. Jump Up's annual sampler returns with a batch of new bands and the return of some past heroes. Whilst many of Jump Up's original bands have passed by, Adjusters, (to moon) Parka Kings, Greenhouse and Suspect Bill, (split) and Gangster Fun, Skapone and Exceptions (in non recording activity) smash your radio 2 sees the return of The Eclectics, Telegraph, Hot Stove Jimmy and Deals Gone bad. New signings the Stand knock out the Hammond soul with "bad 'ol days". Dr Ring Ding does his re-mix dancehall ska style thing on "Call the doctor". Megasuperultra go mod with "down but not out". The teenage frames rock with "Metropolitan world". The Porters get souled up on amphetamines before "follow" and the Inciters bring the house down with Northern soul on the likes of "me myself and I" and "Dynamite exploded". The best of the Chicago label's 1999 releases are here with album tracks from the psychobilly peacocks, metal-ska Thumper, rock-ska orangetree, ska/punk harmonies Dr Manette and hard punk/ska with First Grade crush.

Horace Pinker have been plying their hard punk / emo trade for a few years and have now signed to Jump Up. "seven hours" shows some of the bands better work. The Eclectics and Telegraph both return with a more mature sound, swapping ska/punk for emo-rock with horns but both outfits still sound good. Hot stove Jimmy have turned up their brand of ska-core a notch to outdo the Blue Meanies, leaving only Deals gone bad to return with a similar sound having used the break to improve their ska/rocksteay tunes. Loads of good tunes to show that the Chicago's finest label is expanding beyond ska/punk to soul, emo, mod and punk rock.

Jump Up Records.

I just got this email from Down Under about the new issue of zine "These Boots" Issue 7 is now online. I haven't had a chance to check out the site ( yet for this issue, but they

mention an interveiw with Asian Man Records and information/articles on

many bands including: The Porkers, The Riffs, Bluekilla, Dave and Ansel

Collins, Freetown, Orangetree, Catch 22, 7 Wonders of the World (label),

and many more. leads to: ORANGETREE Self titled Jump Up Records! Review by Micko

Twelve tracks of diverse post skacore here from Jason Nelson from MU330's other band. Orangetree put in their bio - "horn driven arena rock with punk beats and a high pitched pop/soul vocal style with just a hint of ska riff'd in". So that helps put a picture in your head what O.T sound like...but really, must a band/ label include that crap in the bio's they send for reviews Let us reviewers make up our own minds unBIASed. First song "miserable" is very reminiscent vocally of very early green day which was a bit of a shock after reading that, but basically this is very catchy rock with horns and ska riffage thrown in there sometimes sounding unwanted. Nelson's distinct vocals make OT very MU330 melodic punk/rock sounding. His vocal range melodies are high as, leaving the songs in your head all day. All up its pretty cock rock...corporate sounding emo rock skacore. The horn lines aren't varied enough song to song giving this a fair bit of fluff. Bits though do sound alike Asian man jazzy skacore rock Asian man style. This kinda shit I reckon will be the next big bang punk style for the next few years. With OT's big penis'd anthems and emo lyrics...I guess that's where this "80's arena rock" thing cums from. Add to that vocals which don't sound unlike Van Halen, but also with a slight Jawbreaker influence in some of their verses. This shit occasionally rocks out, some of the melodies work well, think Less Than Jake or Johnny Socko, and especially Dance Hall Crashers on "that's not you". OT's sound is very polished, one song "all my friends," sounds remarkably like no doubt. , even vocally, mixed with kiss style guitar wanking. One ballad style song made me think of Christian rock for some reason...made me wanna sing along and clap. I think I would've liked this a while back. Hah wish I hadn't read their bio first. MU330 kicks OT to the 'curb.

Jump Up! Records, P.O. Box 13189, Chicago, IL 60613

These Boots Home

SHow april 3, 1999

Greenhouse, Gangster Fun, First Grade Crush, Orangetree. 7:30pm, All Ages, Metro musicreviews2.html

Orangetree “Fixing Stupid” Jump Up! Before ska-rock hit the mainstream a couple years ago, quirky Midwest ska-rock was something fun, bouncy, ska without any serious message. However, since this branch of the ska tree has been so over-saturated in recent years, for a band to play it, it’s now gotta be really, really good. Orangetree, Jason Nelson’s (ex-MU330) long-awaited project, is just okay. Although not bad at all, it’s really just treading the same-old quirk-ska ground. Yet, there is more than a glimmer of hope. The last track “Felicity” is a great straight-up rock song, with catchy changes and chorus. Instead of quirky ska-rock, maybe just a fun rock direction would be a great way for Jason Nelson to break from MU330 and rock out all his own. (AL)

KRAPP's Release Archive for May 2000

5/23/00, Orangetree, S/T, 2nd Album. CD, Jump Up!

HECTIC WORLD MAGAZINE is a punk and independent music publication which is based in Detroit, MI. So far these bands have been interviewed for the magazine:

AT THE DRIVE IN---(appears on the webpage) BURNING AIRLINES--(appears on the webpage) BOY SETS FIRE-----(appears in issue #3) ORANGETREE--------(appears in issue #3)

short millie's diary:

1/11/98 Well, our winter tour kinda sucked cause of the snow storms in the midwest. We played at CD release in Green Bay , WI for an emo band called cup388. they were good, check them out if they come through your area. New Years kicked ass! we played at a party in milwaukee with the benjamins and the eating disorders. we stayed with Ben, Richard and Shelia who lived in (and used to run, the Buffum house (R.I.P.) shows there always were fun, we'll miss that place. then we drove to st louis, that's when things went down hill. in milwaukee there was no snow, by the time we got to st louis they had more than a foot! we got snowed in at jason and tammy nelson's house (orangetree). it sucked, the show was

cancelled (it will be rescheduled in February).

ORANGETREE Fixing Stupid (Jump Up! Records) D Have you ever heard of MU330? They're good, right? Yes. Well, their singer quit and started this new band called Orangetree and they suck. I guess maybe one or two of these songs have catchy choruses or horn riffs, but overall, this CD is just a huge sack of shit. Don't buy it. Imagine Less Than Jake mating with Blink 182 and they have a retarded bastard child who sounds even more generic and crappy than the two of them combined. That child's name is Orangetree. (Apologies to all you Ska Sucks kids who are huge Less Than Jake fans for some weird reason).

  • Sam

clap your hands, everybody. everybody clap your hands.

Claps is an unreleased hand clap generator that uses random normals to drift hand claps to give them a natural sound. The app allows you to configure the distribution, bpm, and number of actors (clappers.) Configure the pan and volume for each clapper. Of course, volume is not a value, but a distribution.

If you want to generate applause, simply set the number of actors to a distribution instead of a constant.

Claps is a command line app that generates an MP3 stream as output.


I am writing a web-based clap generator. It's on github in my angularNonsense app.


How to Write a Song
Come write a song with me

Read this quote from an article by David Samuels from n+1 called "Justin Timberlake Has a Cold" (then, when you're done reading this blog post, google it and read the whole article. It is pretty good.)

While [Mike] Caren’s rules are not comprehensive or exclusive, it is easy to measure their value by a glance at the dozens of gold and platinum records hanging in his office. He is happy to run down his rules for me. “First, it starts with an expression of ‘Hey,’ ‘Oops,’ ‘Excuse me,’” he begins. “Second is a personal statement: ‘I’m a hustler, baby,’ ‘I wanna love you,’ ‘I need you tonight.’ Third is telling you what to do: ‘Put your hands up,’ ‘Give me all your love,’ ‘Jump.’ Fourth is asking a question: ‘Will you love me tomorrow,’ ‘Where have you been all my life,’ ‘Will the real Slim Shady please stand up.’” He takes a deep breath, and rattles off another four rules. “Five is logic,” he says, “which could be counting, or could be spelling or phonetics: ‘1-2-3-4, let the bodies hit the floor,’ or ‘Ca-li-fornia is comp-li-cated,’ those kind of things. Six would be catchphrases that roll off the tip of your tongue because you know them: ‘Never say never,’ ‘Rain on my parade.’ Seven would be what we call stutter, like, ‘D-d-don’t stop the beat,’ but it could also be repetition: ‘Will the real Slim Shady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up.’ Eight is going back to logic again, like hot or cold, heaven or hell, head to toe, all those kind of things.” The ninth rule of hit songwriting is silence.

One of his examples of a song that uses the most rules in the fewest words is “What’s Your Fantasy” by Ludacris, which starts off with “I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes.” Mike Caren says, “In the first line: a personal statement, ‘I want to,’ a stutter, repetition, ‘li-lick you,’ logic, ‘from your head to your toes, move from the bed down to the down to the, to the floor’” Caren says, “‘I gotta know’—another personal statement—and asks a question, ‘What’s your fantasy?’ So he’s got six of them, in the first two lines of the song.”

I love that. let's try to write some songs. I'm interested in writing a country sounding concept album in which the protagonist sings about the conspiracy theories he believes and his journeys with aliens. The plan is to make it so the songs sound like perfectly normal hipster country folk until you really listen to the words. Let's get started by listing the rules.

The Nine Rules of Hit Songwriting

  • Start with an expression of: Hey, Oops, Excuse Me.
  • Have a personal statement of what I am or what I need: I am a hustler. I need you.
  • Tell the person what to do: Put you hands up, Give me your love,
  • Ask a question of the person: where have you been? will you love me?
  • do some couting, spelling, or phonetics
  • catchphrase - (the hook)
  • do a stutter or repeition (is this different than counting, spelling or phonetics?)
  • go back to logic in a clever, hooky way, heaven/hell hot cold, head to toe
  • silence!

Ok, so this is very much more about the craft of songwriting rather than inspiration. That's good! I've been on twitter a lot lately trying to drum up followers and you know what? Everyone is chock full of inspiration, but not many people are doing things.

I like doing things.

Tangent over! Dan Harmon is kind of awesome. If you don't know who he is, look him up. He says that if you want to write, just write. There's no other way to get better at it. He does offer some advice on a story arc. It isn't anything groundbreaking, but for some reason I have to be constantly reminded of it. He says:

  1. A character is in their comfort zone.
  2. They want something
  3. They enter an unfamiliar situation
  4. They Adapt
  5. They get what they wanted
  6. They pay a heavy price for it
  7. They return to the familiar situation
  8. They have changed.

Good advice! Now I need to buckle down and write/record that album!


Damodaran and Trunk Recording
ramblings of the day

Per the damodaran finance class i'm listening to, the risk free rate basically boils down to the expected rate of inflation in the currency in which you are working. (This is the sound of lightbulbs going off in my head.) Rule of thumb - Use the 10 year zero coupon rate for the risk free rate if the bond is rated AAA. If it is not rated AAA, then take the published rate and subtract off any default risk. You do this because often you will add in default risk at a different point in your analysis. You do not want to double count.

For me, this is kind of huge. I always thought of the risk free rate as the minimum return you could possibly expect with zero risk of default. Which, sure, that's true, but understanding that the market essentially drives that number to track expected inflation of the currency in which you are investing helps me to better understand the fact that different countries have wildly different risk free rates. I never knew why you wouldn't just shift currencies around to get the best deal.. well, i forgot to think about inflation.

update 20120519 - Heh, in lecture 6 he said that the risk free rate is really inflation + macro market growth. I guess that makes sense, too. Still learning

The difference between html's bold and strong tags and italic and emphasis tags eludes me.

Let's talk about hidden markov models. No, really, someone teach me because I ran out of copy paper this week and wound up using all the papers I printed out that I hoped would help me understand them as printer paper. Dammit.

I love John Steinbeck's letter that is on letters of note today:

"If there is a magic in story writing, and I am convinced that there is, no one has ever been able to reduce it to a recipe that can be passed from one person to another. The formula seems to lie solely in the aching urge of the writer to convey something he feels important to the reader. If the writer has that urge, he may sometimes but by no means always find the way to do it."

I know I'm no writer, but everything on this site and is from me getting this compulsive need (out of nowhere, typically) to put a certain feeling into words and most of the time it doesn't work. Or, rather, I Get It.

I'm putting together a comment service for the app i'm building. I think my implementation is interesting. Here's how i'm doing it. Everything in my system uses a UUID as its ID or primary key. Everything, including each comment. Each comment stores the UUID of the item to which it is attached, the comment text, timestamp, etc. All comments are shoved into this service so that when something says, "I want to display any comments associated with me." All it has to do is pass its UUID to the service which returns a (JSON) list of comments.

Easy peeeezy

The challenge here is how do you go from Comment to the Item. Well, since I don't store the Item's location we fall back to a searching pattern. Every item is indexed anyway, so we just hit the search service with the UUID and get the item back.

This is completely decoupled. It fails if you delete an Item (which, of course, you NEVER delete anything. So, that's not a problem.) Or, if you need to move the comments. Not sure why you would do that, though.

Finally, you can comment on comments. So, your comments can have comments that comment about the comments.

I'm recording guitar parts in my car again while I wait for band practice to start. YOU CAN RECORD DECENT SOUNDING ALBUMS WHILE SITTING IN YOUR CAR. I love the present.